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A Compendium of Teuthorn U.S. Immigration

As constantly as our family grows in present times,  results of family history are accumulating continuously. 

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How literature may add to family history

Hofstra, Jill: Edwina, A memoir of childhood through the eyes of a woman, Bloomington 2005 (AuthorHouse-Self Publishing). Edwina and her childhood seem like scenes of an old film. One of the nostalgic black-and-white ones from the penultimate turn of the … Continue reading

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Wohnverhältnisse der Einwanderer in Lower Manhattan

Das Tenement-Museum “[...] the ageold urban difficulty of garbage and rubbish disposal was intensified by the accumulation of filth in [...] alleys, and narrow, unpaved streets. As late as 1859 more than two thirds of the city was unsewered.”[1] Diese … Continue reading

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