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How did your greatgrandfather’s tablet look like

I’ll keep this photo for my grandson. So, some years later I’ll tell him: “Look Jonas, this way did smartphones and tablets look like, when your greatgrandfather’s father  was young!” All this technology is making us antisocial. — Historical … Continue reading

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Erica again. She is at Lulu now.

Lulu, since long, has become a synonym for self publishing and books on demand. Although my formatted text does not match perfectly with U.S. sizes I decided to put the book on now. Unfortunately Erica’s life story is written … Continue reading

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Amazons Kindle – ein Werkzeug für den Familienforscher?

Werden wir nach Googeln und Bloggen nun auch Kindeln? Amerikanische Familienforscher gehen voran. Das canadische Netztagebuch von Lynn Palermo spricht mich derzeit wohl auch deshalb sehr an, weil hier das Schreiben von Familiengeschichen und technische Trends zum Publizieren und Kommunizieren … Continue reading

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Are we related? – has the answer.

Ecactly one year ago I puzzled my brain about family relation and the complicated terms which different languages  (German : English) use for describing such relation.  I understood that pictures may tell more than words ever can, at least when … Continue reading

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