Alan and Carol back at their Guttenberg home

We had not ever seen us before, but had tried to approach each other by exchanging emails, photos and scype calls. Nevertheless feeling strange had to be calculated. But what really happened was the very contrary!
We immediately felt close relatives and had a wonderful time.

Rathaus Bad Frankenhausen

Our itinerary took us from Munich via Nurenberg, Erfurt, Frankenhausen – original place of the Teuthorn Family / see photo of townhall-, then Bremen/Bremerhaven to Kiel, where in 19th century the couple Wilhelm Friedrich Otto TEUTHORN & Henriette Wilhelmine Fanny NAGEL had lived with their six children Luise, Otto, Wilhelm, Minna, Petra and Emil. As you already know, all but Minna emigrated to the States between 1890 and 1895. We cousins, Alan (Luise’s grandson) and Peter (Emil’s grandson), felt happy to have met at this town of our common ancestors.
We continued our journey via Greifswald, Berlin, medieval Quedlinburg back to Munich. At Greifswald we met cousin Knut, grandson from Emil’s 2nd marriage, together with his father Klaus.
You may follow our journey by entering But as we decided the private pictures to be ‘family & friends’ you only will be able to access them by a yahoo-ID, Flickr-access and an invitation. It is worth while looking! Tell me and I’ll invite you. The additional photos (no persons) are here.
The American travelers returned June 1st. We will keep in contact.