A Family History Project

My cousin Alan and me, both of us are occupied with together writing a short version of our collective family history. We’ll call it The Prellberg-Teuthorn Family Story. The decision to start such a project, dealing with pre- and post-immigration time on both sides of the Atlantic, this decision was taken short after having successfully visited to the German places of our common family history early this summer.
Alan’s wife Carol is the editor. Our skype conferences discussing my first text draft are most exciting. The longest session lasted almost 2 hours and Carol does an excellent job. But the most impressive piece of work up to this moment arrived at my email box some days ago.
Alan is the author of a description of Hoboken as a place of German immigration between the last third of nineteenth century up to WWI. Although this text will become one of the chapters of our story, it also may stand for its own. So I’ll expose it as an advance publication on TeuNet and at the same time will give you some pieces to taste, at this place here, within my next blog article.