Hoboken, NJ

Alan makes it a secret, whether his creative attacks happen before or after riding his horse below brain drying sun on Arizona’s hot summer plains. He tells us

“Hoboken and all of Hudson County started, grew, and developed beginning with the middle of the nineteenth century. The main reason for this rapid growth was the town’s proximity to New York City. Hoboken is directly across the Hudson River from downtown Manhattan. Early in the nineteenth century the first ferry service started from New York to Hoboken, thus starting the development of the Town of Hoboken and its waterfront. At first, the town was a resort location for New Yorkers, but it later became a commercial center and railroad hub. Due to its mile long waterfront, many major transatlantic shipping companies built piers for European shipping.

Hoboken was dominated by Germans in the latter part of the nineteenth century and the first third of the twentieth century, so the town was a good starting point for German immigrants. Many boarded trains to other parts of the United States, but others stayed and called Hoboken home for generations to come.”

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