From Face to Face by Facebook

There is an amazing variety of exposing one’s face at Facebook. Some  prefer the enigma of a white box. They are not wrong to do so. Self exhibition in the www always resembles walking on a razor’s edge, means a balanced show and hide. As to myself, I finally chose to drop down my disguise and cautiously decided for grey colour. Jean’s profile  with the kids reveals her affection for her grandchildren, allright.   Noreen has her dog accompany her on the photo. How was its name? But Bill´s cartoon shows his sense of humor.  At last,  words are even more important than images.
Education and experience tought me to respect privacy of living family. Facebook shows me what people are ready to exhibit in a circle of friends. So – beside mutual interchange – carefull communication by Facebook may add to family building and research.
PS. If you discovered yourself and have remarks, tell me directly.