Family History – Informing U.S. Family

The following lines address my American relatives. – My book on Die Familie Teuthorn-Nagel was finished these days. I regret that most text is German. But some chapters were written in English. Missing an English-speaking lector and due to my ambition to avoid further delay, a certain number of mistakes and incorrect grammar may be found. I apologize for those deficits. They will be revised in a second edition.
My U.S. Family descends from four kids who left Kiel/Holstein at the end of 19th century heading for the U.S. They were Wilhelm/William, Otto, Louise/Louisa and Petra. The girls stayed at Hoboken, NJ, the boys went to Chicago, Illinois. Only the branches of Otto and Louisa continued up to our time. The history of late uncles & aunts may be interesting nevertheless for today’s youth. 
The stories presented, must not mean a final version. Hopefully one or the other one may remember facts and anecdotes unknown to me. I’m longing for hints.
Shipping books from Europe to the U.S. is complicated and time-consuming. So, I regret not being able to procure a copy for each of you. But I promise to store a free copy for Dawn*, Bill**, cousin Alan*** of course and all of you proving domination of German language. ‘Wer lacht da?’ This was an often repeated phrase of Aunt Fannie Hessel, daughter of Petra Teuthorn.
PS. Excerpt of some English pages (see teuthorn-nagelstory2016-final-edition-excerpt-US)
The complete edition is available on Amazon.
More information published on geneanet. The database will soon be completed and is part of the book publication.
*) she was my first contact in the U.S.
**) early substantial information on living family
***) While travelling together thru Germany to places where family had lived, our common slogan was ‘ you know my friend, Americans and Germans think differently’. After that ritual prologue we compared opinions with each other.