Book Project

The Teuthorn-Nagel Family
I’m writing again. The intended book deals with that part of the family story which begins with the Kiel family and its roots. At the very moment it consists out of a mixture of German and English written chapters.


The barber’s six children were:

Louise Caroline Marie Henriette
* 14.07.1866 in Kiel † 1942 in Hoboken

Otto Wilhelm
* 10.06.1868 in Kiel † 07.11.1935 in Chicago, IL

Wilhelm Eduard Nicolaus
* 08.04.1871 in Kiel † 08.08.1946 in Chicago, IL

Wilhelmine Emilie Dorothea (Minna)
* 02.05.1873 in Kiel † 1921 in Kiel

Petra Sophie Friederike
* 20.03.1875 in Kiel † 1943 in Hoboken, NJ

Emil Johannes August
* 25.05.1880 in Kiel † 19.11.1959 in Greifswald


I just finished Petra (1875-1943). She is the 4th child of barber Wilhelm Friedrich Otto Teuthorn and she emigrated to the U.S. in 1894. I saw her nice daughters Anna & Fannie in 1970 and 1972 at Toms River. –  Petra a PDF-document

The Hessel Sisters and Anke T

These nice old ladies, daughters of Petra TEUTHORN, are Fannie Nugent, widowed Henne, born Hessel (*1901 +1990) and Anna Hessel (*1899 + 1993) in about 1971, accompanied by a young lady, who by now is about their age at the time the photo was shot. (Comment 5.3.2012)