Qod non est in blogiis, non est in mundo?

Bei Twitter gefunden. Ein starker Spruch! aus einem Museums-Seminar.

Die Aussage sollten wir auch für die Genealogie überprüfen.

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a+b=c / formula makes a package

book + database = genealogical publication
BoD / Amazon + geneanet.org = result of research

Familie Teuthorn-Nagel

(a German edition, but about 50 out of 280 pages written in English)

example book: Continue reading

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Family History – Informing U.S. Family

The following lines address my American relatives. – My book on Die Familie Teuthorn-Nagel was finished these days. I regret that most text is German. But some chapters were written in English. Missing an English-speaking lector and due to my ambition to avoid further delay, a certain number of mistakes and incorrect grammar may be found. I apologize for those deficits. They will be revised in a second edition.

My U.S. Family descends from four kids who left Kiel/Holstein at the end of 19th century heading for the U.S. They were Wilhelm/William, Otto, Louise/Louisa and Petra. The girls stayed at Hoboken, NJ, the boys went to Chicago, Illinois. Only the branches of Otto and Louisa continued up to our time. The history of late uncles & aunts may be interesting nevertheless for today’s youth.  Continue reading

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