Alan on tour to Germany

My cousin Alan PRELLBERG and his wife Carol come to see us on May 15, 2007. Together we will visit some places where our common ancestors lived. Bad Frankenhausen and Kiel are on the program as well as Emil’s Greifswald. Both will stay until the end of May.

Alan is a grandson of Louise Teuthorn, oldest of the 5 emigrating children of the Kiel Teuthorn Family. The German Teuthorns better know her as Emil’s oldest sister. When Emil arived at NY June 22, 1895 Louisa had already been married for one year to Willy Prellberg and they lived at Hoboken. But Emil continued his journey to meet his older brothers Otto and William at Chicago.
On both sides of the Atlantic family kept in touch. So Alan’s father Emil Otto Henrich Prellberg sent packages to his uncle Emil when times were bad in Germany during post war years. The Prellbergs did not move too far from their grandparents’ living area HOBOKEN. Today they live at nearby GUTTENBERG.

For sure we will aim with our digital cameras to objects of interest and subjects ready to smile at you. We promise to present a choice in June!