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teuwap_150The U.S. Teuthorn Family is spread widely in the north of the States, especially Illinois and the Lake District. This is no surprise, as  most of our American family are descendants of OTTO Teuthorn, immigrant from Kiel,  Holstein/Germany,  to Chicago in 1893 at the age of 24.

I am Peter Teuthorn, grandson of Otto’s youngest brother EMIL. All of us are descendants of our common forefathers in Frankenhausen / Thuringia.   I remain  living near to the family’s roots  in pretty old Europe. What we may do here is  mutual information with the possibility of  global connecting of our  family. This non any longer a PROTECTED AREA, but of course it continues targetting family members.

All this is a trial.  You are invited to talk about your place within the big family. Do you remember a little story as to family? Questions concerning the family’s roots, e.g.  grandparents, places ? Write an e-mail to p ett  I’ll try to place your remarks here afterwards, if you wish to do so.

To read articles in English choose <Themen / English> at margin on the right. Please take in mind, that I am not a native speaker. So the horror of possible misunderstanding due to  language  problems should not only be taken in mind but should  be solved as quickly  as possible, when ever it occurs.

Look also for book-projekt Teuthorn-Nagel. About 50 pages in English.

Regards Peter
November 2010 / July 2013 / June 2018

The following text has it’s home on TeuNet, outside this blog . It has not been revised the last ten years.

From Thuringian Frankenhausen into the World

This website is a work in progress. The result shall form a common memory of the whole family. Allthough good results can be proudly presented by the German version, there continues the ambitious target, to put family data in context with German and U.S. history. The intention is a coloured picture of family´s history related to historical and social background. For examples see link <Geschichte/History> in the head line navigation.
As most of the original work will be in German, American members of family and friends are asked for patience. Not all texts will be available in English from the beginning, probably some of them never will be translated.
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It is worth while discovering the Church of Esperstedt or that of Leck, where Wilhelm Friedr. Otto Teuthorn married Fanny Nagel.
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