Shasta 1859 – Pauline Teuthorn

(This is a draft, which will have to be completed.)


SCHROTER, GUNTHER CARL FREDRICK 1828-1905.  Arrived at Shasta in 1855 and established a saddle and harness shop in the Loag Building.  Eventually added a sewing machine business to the shop and shipped machines as far away as Eugene, Oregon.  In 1861 the county purchased the building and he was forced to move.  He established a new saddle and harness shop in Redding.  In 1867 he purchased the Charter Oak Hotel for $450 gold coin and operated it until 1888.  The hotel had a grand ballroom on the 3rd floor; in 1871 Schroter operated a roller-skating rink in it.  Served eight years as Shasta’s Justice of the Peace.  Married Pauline Teuthorn in 1859.  Was one of the first businessmen to establish a branch of his business in the new town of Redding when the railroad arrived in 1872.  His Redding harness shop was destroyed by fire in 1881.


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